Your Target Audience Description Is Probably Wrong and You Don’t Even Know It

Ask a couple of (millenial focused) business owners to describe their target audience and they’ll probably say this:

18 to 25 year old. Stays updated on current gossips, fashion trends and latest music. Enjoys hanging out with friends. Undergraduate, fresh graduate or has a year or two working experience.

Yes, most of target audience usually sound like this. Hence, the target audience prominent Nigerian ‘brands’ are (basically) the same. You find one brand in the PET beverage industry trying to talk to the target audience of a brand in the alcoholic beverage industry. Now that’s not good enough.

When describing your target audience, you should be able to describe a day in the life of your consumer. In this description, the points when your consumer relates with or needs your product/service should be taken note of. These points might be called connection moments. Connection moments help you understand where, how and when you need to sell/market yourself to your consumer.

Hope this helped.

Good luck.

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