This Google Game Gives Amazing Insights Into What People Are Searching For

Google knows that content creators and business owners are forever searching for consumer insights that can bring them closer to their audience. Rather than invite you and me to another digital media seminar, Google created a game called Google Feud.

Google Feud is an autocomplete game that let’s you guess top Google searches in 3 attempts.

google feud id africa

To start the game, select one of the four categories: culture, people, names, questions. You would be presented with a word, phrase, title, name or a question. For each round, you get three chances to guess how it would be autocompleted, earning more points for the most common suggestions.

google feud 1 id africa

google feud 2 id africa

The addictive guessing game does not only entertain the player, it also provides insight into the most popular searches under various topics.

You should try it.

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