The Skiibii Lesson – Tips For The Upcoming Artiste

The competition to be famous is intense especially in the music industry.

The old timers won’t budge to let the new guys in, so upcoming acts have to claw their way into the limelight, or maybe fake their deaths into it, like Skiibii.

Everyone agrees that his death stunt was STUPID, but give the guy a break, he was desperate.

So for aspiring stars who don’t want to pull a ‘Skiibii’, here are some pointers for you from potential fans on social media via PR specialist Ayeni Adekunle.

Note – This is for people with real talent.

  • Timaya1. You don’t have to use vulgar language in your songs, or naked women in your videos to be heard and appreciated.


  • 2. Nothing lasts for ever. Invest while you’re hot, so you won’t starve when you’re not. See Majek Fashek…Sorry.


  • 3. Have a genre, find a music niche and stay there, maintain your champion. Don’t be like those “I do all kinds of songs” artistes. See Asa…*drops mic*
  • Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.31.27 AM4. Even though you might be broke/starving, don’t be too quick to sign a record deal. And if you must examine the terms carefully. See what Kennis Music did to 2face…Thank God for Jesus!
  • Bank-W-and-WisKid-469x3365. Learn the music business. It’s not enough to just sing and leave the rest to a manager or a label. See the Wizkid and EME drama.


  • 6. Constantly improve your craft. Train, practice, and then train some more, so you don’t become stale and boring. See D’banj…Enough said.


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