Meet The 34 Year Old Who Calls Herself IBM’s Oldest Intern

Her name is Anna Seacat. She finished her Master’s degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire and has two Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Culture from Indiana State University and Indiana University Bloomington.
Anna, a digital marketer, badly wants a job at IBM and is doing everything ‘digitally’ possible to make sure she gets it. According to Business Insider, Anna chose IBM from the variety of digitally focused businesses because she feels that it empowers its female staff – staff do not have to show up at the office and there is room for individual development, amongst other reasons.
In order to get a full time job at IBM, she knew it was necessary to become an intern. The problem with internship was that she was a lot older than the usual IBM intern. She figured that the IBM HR department might overlook her application because of her age so she did the following to become more eligible.
– She wrote an essay titled IBM’s Oldest Intern and posted it on LinkedIn. In the essay, she stated her reasons for wanting to work at IBM.


  • She then asked all of her friends and social network contacts to e-mail it, retweet it, share it until it got her into IBM. Anna got about 600 views on the post and retweets and shares. Her story even trended on Twitter (location Indiana, US) at some point. This move eventually got her the attention of an IBM HR executive.
    The HR staff had a brief chat with Anna about two weeks ago and promised to schedule a telephone interview with her.


While Anna Seacat awaits another IBM phone call, her story will serve as a lesson to those who search for jobs by sending out infinite amounts of CVs when looking for a job.
Anna Seacat knew where she wanted to be. Do you know exactly where you want to be?

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