Ladies! #ColdGold Tips for Seizing The Bae at Gidi Fest

By Anuoluwapo Komolafe


Pretty sure I am not the only one gearing up for one of the biggest beach events in Lagos, even though I’m still lost as to what to wear.

#ColdGold Tips - 3 Things To Do This Easter Weekend- id africa

In case you’re wondering why my struggle is so real, errm… after hearing the story of the girl that found “Bae” on Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, every event and place is a hunting ground. And since I know I am not alone on “Bae-watch”, here are some useful tips and tricks to ensure we don’t leave Gidifest as single as we went in. Say Amen!


Part I – The Do’s

  •  1.  Dress Sexy

ladies' beach wear to gidifest id africa

‘Sexy’ is relative, meaning different things to different people, so if you are looking to catch someone who can pay your bills and looks good on your arm (Can’t promise he wouldn’t be cheating on you) PLEASE ENSURE you have boobs and legs on display. The more skin the better. If you want a keeper, accentuate your best features; legs, arms, boobs, booty, face e.t.c. Trick is to pick just one, and keep the rest covered.


  • a) For those looking to have makeup on fleek, remember, it’s at the beach so you can try to take it easy, unless you don’t mind the masquerade look with makeup running down your face. But please bring your makeup game with the brightest lip colour you can find, that’s if you can afford some waterproof make-up that don’t wash off after swimming.

enibaby4 gidi fest make up on fleek

  • b) Dress appropriately!!! It’s a beach event, so don’t show up dressed in an evening gown as some Lagosians have been known to do.


  • 2.    Smile

Nothing says, ‘Hello! I am here and available!’ better than a good toothy smile. Make yourself approachable and friendly without even saying a word. When you spot a guy you like, smile at him and take a step further by even winking (not more than once though so you don’t look like you have something in your eye.)

wink at him gidi fest id africa col dgold

You come off as confident and mysterious. Who doesn’t like mystery???


  •   3.  Positioning

If Mohammed doesn’t come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed.

mohammed and the mountain gidi fest id africa


Hang around places where you see a lot of potential “fishes” e.g. at the American Honey bar in the Lounge. Truth is, guys love bars and you can tell a lot about a man from what he drinks.

american honey beach bar gidi fest id africa


If you are not much of a drinker, then have your bottle of water in hand. Just put yourself in a place where he can see you. Also try attending all the side attractions, and cheer on your favourite performers. You never know who’s watching.


  • 4.  Conversation

It is one thing to catch his attention; it is another thing to have him at hello!

Spark up interesting convos, don’t interrogate him or be weird, don’t star sharing your life history just yet. Play it cool.

Just in case you brought your sexy, and he still doesn’t get it (some men are slow like that), walk up to him and say something! This is 2016. Compliment his outfit and say you like his smile. Subtly FLIRT! FLIRT!! FLIRT!!!


  • 5. Part II – The Don’t’s

Don’t kill his vibe by

  • a) Ensure none of your friends are finer or hotter than you. Please be the Beyonce to their Destiny’s Child.
  • b) Going with more than 2 of your friends, three is in fact a crowd and if he is the shy type, then good luck to your hustle.
  • c) Drop that phone!!! It’s unsexy, makes you unapproachable and you will end up as baeless as when you came, except you are taking selfies or snapchatting or better still asking him to take a full photo of you *wink wink*
  • d) Don’t twerk when dancing. Just don’t !! Every girl has that inner Nicki Minaj in them and it’s okay. Just try and tone it down at Gidifest. However, if that’s the only dance you know then go ahead and hope your target won’t mind.
  • e) Don’t be afraid to make the first move. A lot of men in 2016 will find that attractive.
  • f) Don’t say too much. No guy likes a smart-ass, so let him feel like Albert Einstein, by massaging his ego. Act like the damsel-in-distress at all times. Doesn’t mean you should sound or look stupid, but find a happy medium.
  • g) Don’t be afraid to make physical contact. Let your body brush up against his by ‘mistake’, dance with him (nothing says I am here and available than dancing to ‘Slow it down’ by Poe and Funbi. We hear they’ll be there. (Hiiii guys!)
  • i) Don’t go whoring around. Keep your eyes on the prize! Focus, trail and corner your prey. Don’t go jumping from man to man, nothing turns a man off like a desperate woman.
  • j) Be responsible!!!!You may knock back a couple of glasses of American Honey during the course of the day, but you don’t wanna be that girl who loses control, that his friends will have a field day making fun of. Keep your legs closed and drink responsibly, because you are not allowed to blame it on honey-flavoured whiskey on the rocks! American Honey is awesome, we know.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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