Between Google and Kaymu: Sharing Insights on Consumer Behaviour Online in Nigeria

Early this year, Google’s insight generating tool on consumer behaviour, Consumer Barometer provided a breakdown of how Nigerian consumers use their devices for online purchase. This report touches topics such as the number of connected devices used, the ranges of activities Nigerians use their smartphones for, etc.

Click this photo to view Google’s infographic

On November 24, 2015, Kaymu released a white paper on e-commerce market trends and consumer behaviour in Nigeria. The report compiled by the regional head of SEO, Kaymu Africa, Ejiro Esiri contains the referrers that drive traffic to e-commerce websites, device distribution, top product categories and a lot more.

Click here to view Kaymu’s full report


Managing Director of Kaymu Nigeria, Sefik Bagdadioglu explains why moves are being made to release important reports such as this bothering on consumer behavior in Nigeria:

Having been in existence for over two years we feel that prospective e-commerce companies can benefit from the local market research Kaymu has provided in order to help them anticipate industry trends and reduce unnecessary expenses.

These researches will not only be helpful to prospective e-commerce companies, but also potential manufacturers and investors.



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