11 Reasons Why Bobrisky Needs PR

by Enitan Kehinde



Hate Bobrisky or love him, Like Trump, he has his brand game altogether.

But to make the best out of his viral image, the Nigerian male Barbie needs the help of a good PR team. Here’s why.

He Actually Has Consumer Products To Sell. When you hear Bobrisky, you think makeup and bae but he is also a businessman, with a fashion and beauty business to his name. He is known for his now infamous lightening creams, cosmetic products and his 3 boutiques in Lagos.

He Understands The Nigerian Millennial Consumer Behaviour.Many brands still don’t understand that the way your target audience behaves is the key to coming up with great content and yielding fantastic results. He needs a good team to help him pitch and milk this.

There’s no proof that he has broken any law of the land, so why the backlash? Because he’s not communicating a clear strategy that could suggest Bobrisky is just a persona; he’s not proactively telling collateral stories that could make everyone see he’s just ‘entertaining’ us.



He understands the need to prove himself right. When he was accused of being HIV positive, he took a test and published the results to convince people that he is HIV negative. He also documented his 7million naira bank sojourn and he trended on twitter for three days straight as a result. Bobrisky could use proper storytelling strategies to control the narrative.

He has that element of shock and surprise that a Nigerian man can come out publicly to live like he does. His 145,000 snapchat viewers are enough proof of this. Imagine what he’ll do with a creative PR team. Imagine how fast he could transfer all that engagement into endorsements.

He loves the hype, but still doesn’t understand the magnitude of his ‘power’. PR can help improve his entire brand image and refine his celeb status. Without PR his interview videos on YouTube have been viewed over 350,000 times. Now imagine what will happen if he got a reputation manager. Imagine what will happen when he picks up a cause, actively showcases his businesses, and ‘cleans up’.

He can be an inspiration to others in Nigeria who are seen as ‘weird’ or ‘different’. If his story is well told, it could be an inspiration for other Nigerians who are discriminated or ostracized or bullied for their being ‘different’. It could lead to many becoming more bold, coming out to use new media in ways hitherto thought impossible in this part of the world.


People just don’t ‘get’ him or understand him. This is why he needs help communicating what he’s about and who he really is. At the NMCG 2016 in Abuja, COO of ID Africa, Femi Falodun wondered if Nigerians could be more accepting of Bobrisky’s stories, same way people in the U.S. find the social media character ‘Joanne The Scammer’ created by comedian Branden Miller, rather amusing and entertaining.

For safety. To avoid mob action and backlash. The more people see him as being “human”, the easier it is for them to accept him. In a chat with Enitan Kehinde of BHM, Bobrisky recalled the first time he wore a dress and got arrested.

He’s the most popular Nigerian on snapchat for a reason. He’s a compelling and entertaining storyteller to a lot of people. Smart use of PR and content marketing techniques can help push that entertainment value further and show the worth he can bring to brands and personalities that associate with him.

If Bobrisky wants to be here for a long time, he will need strategic tactics to help sustain his brand and what better way to do that than public relations?


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