10 Fantastic Valentine Gift Ideas For The Nigerian Man You Love

Valentine’s Day is only few days away and, of course, the girls can’t wait to see what gifts they’ll get – roses, chocolate, cakes, lingerie, jewelry, cars, etc.
Some have even dreamt of how their man would propose and what photo angles of the engagement ring look best on Instagram.

But you see Valentine’s Day wasn’t only made for women. Saint Valentine did not die for women to use February 14 as a day to get gifts and give back nothing.

So for those ladies who’ve made it a habit to only receive but never ever give back, this is for you. You need to change. However, don’t go buying your lover, boyfriend, fiancé or husband cheap boxers and singlets.

What is this? Have some class please.

In the spirit of love, Campari shared these simple sweet gift ideas with us, so you can relax and make an easy choice for your man.

1 – Watches

Statement watches always make men look classy.

2 – Shoes

What do you want people to think when your man walks into the room? Also don’t forget comfort is important.

3 – Coloured Socks

Get some really good patterned socks with those shoes.

4 – Ties

Sprinkle some Justin Timberlake and JayZ on your man.

5 – Perfumes

Pick a scent you’ll never want him to wash off.

6 – Video games

His friends will love you for this. No doubt.

7 – Underwear

There’s some excitement that comes with owning brand new premium underwear. Even men know this. However, be sure to ask him if he prefers briefs or boxers. Or maybe you already know *ahem*

8 – Shirts

Nothing looks more delicious than a man in a crisp dress shirt or a cool tee shirt to show the broad chest and screaming biceps. Yummy.

9 – Belts

The rarer the leather, the better.

10 – Agbada

Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Idoma … Nigerian men always look great in Agbadas, no matter the tribe.

If you cannot afford any of the items listed above, it’s absolutely ok to stay indoor, prepare a really good home cooked meal, light some scented candles, laugh over a bottle of Campari and have fun the best way you know how. *wink*

You’re welcome.


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