Why Twitter Wants To Buy Flipboard

Twitter has been making a lot of moves at getting better and making more profit. The company has added analytics, native advertising, removed and included features, bought smaller video apps like Vine and Periscope. Now it’s looking to add in curated news.

Twitter begun talks of purchasing Flipboard earlier this year. The 140 character company is planning to buy Flipboard at over $1 billion.

Recode claims that Twitter has been pressurized by Wall Street to grow its audience and innovate its products. However, buying Flipboard doesn’t mean there would be an automatic growth of Twitter users (as most Twitter users are Flipboard users).

Twitter’s acquisition of Flipboard would bring on board a more experienced product team, which would be headed by one of Silicon’s Valley most popular entrepreneurs – Mike McCue.

How exactly Twitter intends to make money from Flipboard is not known yet but we would find out soon.

Let’s see if Twitter buying Flipboard will create a fusion that will be a stronger competition against Facebook’s Instant Articles for publishers.

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