Why Afropolitan Vibes is the new Motherlan’

By Victoria Ige

If you’re planning a night out with friends tonight, consider stopping by Freedom Park. There’ll be wild live music, great Palmwine, plenty cool people, and a lot of dancing.

No one saw them coming. But in just a few years, the monthly gig promoted by Ade Bantu and partners has become indispensable for those who know what time it is.

Why’s this so?

Some fans say Afropolitan Vibes is about the only Lagos concert where you’re allowed to be yourself. No VIPs. No Table seatings. No pretenders.

‘It reminds me of Lagbaja‘, one guest said last month.
‘Lagbaja’ was the eponymous alias for the now rested monthly gig at Motherlan’ in Opebi, Lagos, the venue where the masked musician and friends held vigils every month.

Just like Motherlan’, Afropolitan has a relatively cheap entrance fee. Guests are drawn from every class you can think of. The music is live and mostly original. There’s a lot of standing and dancing and ‘yabbing‘. And the community is so close, it’s possible for everyone to know everyone even if only by face.

Both concerts are open air and promoted by a musician who’s keen to develop live performance in a city dominated by pretentious VIP concerts that are nothing but ‘mimefests’.

Afropolitan Vibes Past editions
Afropolitan Vibes Past editions

It’s likely most of the evangelists of Ade Bantu’s Afropolitan Vibes are not very familiar with Lagbaja’s Motherlan’ which has since been rested following the musician’s relocation. But they’re receiving a torch in a marathon that could redefine – revolutionize even – the long abused concert industry in Nigeria.

If you’ve not joined them yet, you should be worried.

*Afropolitan Vibes holds tonight at Freedom Park in Lagos, with Waka legend Salawa Abeni, Ade Bantu, Peter Thomas and Falz as headliners.

Afropolitan Vibes November 20, 2015
Afropolitan Vibes November 20, 2015
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