Which One Has Your Mumu Button? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Or Snapchat?

So what are you addicted to? Is it moin-moin, thick curvy girls, bearded fresh boys, or the Amala and gbegiri from White House, Yaba. Maybe even something else entirely.

But for those who can’t go one hour without checking their social accounts, helloooo!

We wake up and go through our phones like prescription drugs, usually not checking for the weather, traffic or work emails, but how many likes our last photo on IG got or who retweeted our #TwitterAfterDark posts, or who is the sneaky bugger taking screen shots of our Snaps.

Just like a man with many wives, we all have our favorite social platform, that one place that has our ‘mumu’ button, that we are so dependent on, we literally will fall sick if it were banned.

Without thinking hard, I know mine is Snapchat. Shout out to Evan Spiegel. I love Snapchat as much as I love living my actual life! The truth is, Snapchat IS life, as everyone gets to record their lives for 10 seconds each and easily share with friends.

Not to mention, it also has cool filters, just the other day I was pouring red wine into a cup and I made a video of it, then I put the reverse filter on it and the wine from the cup was going back in the bottle, I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT?!

So yeah, Snapchat has my mumu button.

Which social media network has yours?

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