What Steve Jobs and Toke Makinwa Have In Common

Here is a lesson on how your own videos can serve as reference against you in the future.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook announced the Apple Pencil at the Apple Keynote Event which took place on September 9, 2015. The demo of the Apple Pencil will make you want it even if you don’t need it.

In 2007, Steve Jobs expressed his disgust for the ‘Stylus’ which Apple just created – yes, it is Stylus, not an “Apple Pencil. LOL.

It’s a little contradictory to make something your late co-founder wouldn’t have approved. Don’t you think? Some tweeps think so too.

Steve Jobs wasn’t the only one that had no inkling he would be throwing shade at himself. Unfortunately, this happened to our very own Toke Makinwa some months back.


It goes beyond videos. Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, e-mails may be used against you in future so be careful of what you say.

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