What No One Is Saying About Black Friday In Nigeria

…the truth and nothing but the truth


Owing to the growth of e-commerce businesses in Nigeria, ‘Black Friday’ has become one of the most talked about days in the country. Considering the fact that most people with purchasing power have access to the Internet on mobile, at home and the office, these businesses advertise all sorts of things at crazy discounts in order to lure people to visit their websites.


Last year, the website of one of the biggest online retailers crashed because it couldn’t handle the volume of traffic hitting it at the time. One customer recorded the incident and shared on YouTube.

This year, Black Friday is back and ads are all over the place, with the usual “visit our website, we have the best deals” message.

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Source: Govttoday

While you get set to spend a better part of your life savings tomorrow, here are 2 things you should know about this Black Friday thing in Nigeria:

  • It is not actually the busiest and biggest shopping day of the year.

See, this is Nigeria. People shop everyday. Just because there is a lot of buzz about it online does not mean it is that much of a big deal. There is probably more buying and selling, and a higher volume of transaction going on daily at popular markets like Isale Eko, Onitsha, and others around the country, than anywhere else online.

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  • Some deals aren’t really deals.

Believe me, it’s nothing personal, just business. There are two obvious reasons for publicizing discount prices – traffic and clearing the warehouse. Everything must go right?


As you shop this Black Friday, please do so with caution. Check out the sizes, ask all the right questions, be sure you’re not being scammed and get yourself truly great deals. We will be doing the same.


Happy Black Friday.

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