What Has Changed About Olamide – A Comparison of Eni Duro and Bobo

A lot has happened since most of us began loving Olamide in 2010 after the release of Eni Duro. Eni Duro’s music video was considered remarkable because it depicted Olamide’s ‘humble beginning’ lyrics accurately. However, Olamide has risen to fame and is now used an example of hardwork and consistency in the Nigerian music industry.

By comparing 5 features of Olamide’s music videos, Eni Duro  (2010) and Bobo (2015), we will see how much things have changed for the Yoruba hip hop artiste.

  • 1. He was signed on Coded Tunes in Eni Duro in 2010. Today, he owns YBNL Nation.

olamide coded tunes and ybnl nation

  • 2. Olamide has moved up from the ghetto to the Island. Eni Duro was shot in the hood while Bobo was shot at the popular Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island.

 olamide hood oriental

  • 3. In Eni Duro, he only had Shaki and some guy’s girl. In Bobo, the girls were more enthusiastic to be featured.

olamide girls bobo

  • 4. He was once a one-man army, but today, he has a team of fast-rising proteges – Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold, etc.

olamide team bobo

  • 5. He’s moved up to wearing bespoke designer clothes and jewellry. No more ‘Burberry’ and plastic ‘Ray Bans’.

olamide ybnl

Olamide has really done well for himself. His consistency has led him to the heights of the Nigerian music industry.

Well done Bobo.


Olamide – Eni Duro

Olamide – Shakiti Bobo


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