Tomi Oladipo: Nigeria’s Son, An African Voice

Tomi Oladipo is a British-born Nigerian who studied communication at Daystar University, Kenya and went on to join the BBC in May 2007. Since then, he has reported for the BBC across East and West Africa covering stories on current affairs, security and business.

In November 2008, Tomi became BBC Africa’s correspondent to Nigeria.

In this time, he reported several major news stories such as the interview with a Boko Haram spiritual teacher.

Currently BBC Africa’s security correspondent, Tomi provides analysis and news on critical topics pertaining to security developments from all over Africa.

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Tomi is a part of the BBC’s Bilingual Reporters scheme. This is as a result of his ability to tell stories proficiently in three major languages – English, French, Swahili, as well as his native Yoruba. Coupled with his unique storytelling and scriptwriting work on BBC’s African Service on radio.

He has worked on a wide range of in-depth and exclusive reports, including extensive coverage of the Boko Haram crisis in the Lake Chad Basin, political events in East and West Africa, as well as, the state of business in the continent’s emerging economies.

He has also been a presenter of the BBC’s TV programmes Reporters and Africa Business Report.

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During his free time, Tomi loves to share pictures of his daily adventures on Instagram.


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