#ThrowbackThursday – The Evolution of Shoes

In the Medieval period, that is 1200s – 1300s, women wore these ridiculous looking leather shoes to retain the original shapes of their toes. These shoes were called Crakows in England and they had an elongated piece of shoe covering at the top of the leather shoes.

shoes 14thCenturyPoulainStuffedWithMoss_LondMuseum

The Elizabethan period (1558 – 1603) featured shoes with heels and buckles, flat shoes made of straw and so on.

evolution of shoes yellow-silk-shoes-with-buckles-french-c-1760s-the-bata-shoe-museum

Women began wearing fashionable shoes in the Baroque Period (1600-1760). The shoes of the Baroque era were made of silk, satin, and velvet with carved designs all over the body.



Shoes of the Edwardian period (1901 – 1914) were lace ups, high-knee shoes with heels that were usually decorated with beads, silk and other forms of rich material, depending on the societal class it was made for.

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Today, we have platforms, flats, wedges, heels, gladiators and other shoes that were inspired that shoes worn by our ancestors and the creative and fashionable trends.

evolution of shoes evolution of shoes evolution of shoes

evolution of shoes


Question: What shoe label in Nigeria caters for women with big feet?

Leave your answers in the comment section.


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