This Yoruba Boy, KSIOlajidebt Made N900m From Youtube In 2015

He doesn’t play in the EPL. He didn’t sell a startup to Google and his father owns no oil bloc. He plays video games and makes funny, silly jokes in front of the camera, and uploads them on Youtube.

22 years old Olajide Olatunji was born in Watford, UK to Nigerian parents, but he is better known by his YouTube username Ksiolajidebt or simply KSI. This guy currently has over 10.8 million subscribers on his channel, and Forbes reports that he’s earned $4.5million in 2015 already!

Olajide regularly features his brother Deji, in many of the videos, along with some other friends. Even his parents sometimes appear on camera too!

KSI began making videos back in 2006, but didn’t take things really serious until 2010. He became popular when he started putting out videos of himself doing crazy video game skills and scoring unusual goals in FIFA.

Later with FIFA 11, he delved into commentating with sarcastic commentaries on the video games and from then on, started working on making videos to entertain, ending up with millions of fans, thus making him a bona fide internet sensation.

In March 2015, his song “Lamborghini” was a UK Top 40 single. He has also collaborated with top UK artistes such as Sway and Droideka.

It is clear now, that Youtube stardom can make you as much money as a European soccer star, NBA athlete, music superstar or the glorified oil businessman.

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