This Dog Has Travelled To Places You’ve Only Dreamt Of!

Do you love to travel? How often do you Travel? How many states or countries have you been to?

If you ask me these questions, I will tell you “I love to travel, but when there is time there is no money and when there is money there is no time” Lol, people that know me know this is balderdash. With me there is never enough money to travel but there is always enough time.

Well, I’m sure a lot of people are with me on that, and as a consolation for our dreamy fantasies, we tell ourselves that one day we will make enough money to be able to travel to places we wish to be.

However, not to rub salt on our wounds, here’s Miami, one of the world’s most travelled dogs. Check out pictures

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Miami is a 3-year old Chihuahua that has been to over 10 cities in the world, from Milan, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Venice, Santorini and the long list of fantastic places goes on and on.

Of course Miami does not book plane tickets and hotels himself, his owner, Marianna Chiaraluce who works in the hospitality business, takes him on several of her business trips and takes pictures of him with monuments.

Anyway, don’t just wish you were the dog, work harder, you can do it too!

Courtesy – Yahoo Travels. Photo Credit – Instagram/@miami_traveller_dog

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