The Cost of This Handbag Will Take You Through University, A Masters Programme and Will Buy You A House in Nigeria

Everybody wants to be rich. Anyone who doesn’t want a fat account with people at their beck and call is probably bonkers or is just one of those claiming to be unreasonable bohemians. But sometimes, how people spend money will make you hate money and its entirety.

Source: Business Insider
Source: Business Insider

This handbag is a good example of why crazily wealthily men and women always have haters. Today, this Fuschia Hermes Birkin handbag with diamonds set a record as the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction. It was auctioned for $221,846 somewhere in Hong Kong. The amount is equivalent to 43,981,271.19 (approximately 44 million) in Nigeria Naira! You can buy a house, 3 cars, go to the university and run a masters programme with that amount! If you are prudent enough, you can do more with that cash.

Why should anyone spend so much on a handbag (that is imitated so much that you can hardly tell the difference between the original one and the fake one)? Will the handbag would protect you from diseases, armed robbers? Will it inform you when the end is near? Will it take you wherever you want to go?

Hmm. Wonders.

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