The Case of Cecil The Lion Is Not Dr. Palmer’s 1st Crime. He Paid His Way Out Of All Of Them

Cecil the popular Zimbabwean Lion is not the only kill that has caused Dr. Walter Palmer a prison term.


In 2006, Dr. Palmer lied to a U.S. Fish and Widlife agent about shooting a black bear in Wisconsin. After paying $2,938 in restitution, he was able to skip his jail term. He was later put on probation.


In 2009, Dr. Walter Palmer was accused of sexual harrassment by a former employee of his at River Bluff Dental in Bloomington, Minnesota. The woman claimed that palmer continuosly harassed her and after reporting the act to her supervisor, Dr. Palmer sacked  her.

He was made to pay a fine of $127,500 to the employee for damages,

Dr. Walter Palmer runs the River Bluff Dental practice in Bloomington, Minnesota.


These allegations say a lot about the kind of person Dr. Walter Palmer is. Looks like he feels he has enough to pay his way out of everything, hopefully not this time.

Go hard on him @PETA!


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