Thanks to Snapchat, QR Codes Are Now Cool Again!

Ever wondered why nobody seems to be interested in using QR codes despite many competition and brand URL attached to them? Well it’s possibly because of the rigor and time wasting experience users have claimed to have when trying to scan a QR Code. Infact most will agree that it takes lesser time to manually enter a URL  or enter in for a competition when compared to scanning a QR Code. No wonder the use of QR has gradually declined and its perception being that of a frustrating symbol of engineering rather than a cool app.

SnapChat with the launch of its new feature, Snap codes otherwise known as snap tags has brought back QR Code in the coolest way possible. The new snap code allows users to have their snapchat branded QR codes on their profile. Pressing the yellow ghost icon above the camera can open this. If another user scans someone’s snap code by focusing their SnapChat app’s camera on it, they can automatically follow that person.

The evolvement of QR Codes into a cool app has been linked to Snapchats initial acquisition of a QR Code startup named ‘’. With the help of, Snapchat was able to devise snapcodes which people now use as profile pictures on the social media accounts and even put up on their blogs. The Snap codes has also been used by users to covert lure fried into joining them on snapchat.

Haven found a new cool in Snap chat’s QR code, Millions of Snapcodes are now scanned each week by users. Celebrities, SnapChat story stars  & everyday users after downloading the vector versions of their snapcode can get more followers just by using the snapcode.

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