Something ‘Sexy’ Happened On The #CannesLions Red Carpet Last Night

There’s more to the Cannes Lions Festival than you imagined. The Cannes Lions Festival is probably the one festival where the word ‘creativity is mentioned the most in one year. Although marketing communication experts attend the festival to gain insight on how big brands and innovators are breaking the norm with ‘disruptive’ methods, they still have fun in ‘disruptive’ ways.

Yesterday night, David Griner (digital managing director at Adweek) was chilling with his friends when he noticed a couple having sex on the Cannes Lions red carpet with the Cannes Lion banner over their head that read “will see you in the morning!”. According to his story, it didn’t seem like the couple cared much; they didn’t flinch when they heard people applauding them from afar. 

As expected, David Griner took a photo of these guys getting it on and posted it on Twitter. He probably didn’t think people will think much of it. But as we all know, sex sells (although David Griner wasn’t selling anything). By the next morning, he had gotten over 600 retweets and mentions from tweeps and a couple of features on content sites.

tweet couple sex on cannes lions red carpet


So much for one ‘sexy’ tweet! Imagined David griner got a closer shot. They just might have been out of jobs by now!

Stay tuned for more #CannesLions raunchy scenes. Hopefully. Looool!

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