Revealed: 5 Key Factors That Make Teams Successful At Google

So according to a report by Google’s HR team, everyone at the company belongs to a team and the success of each team depends on five different factors.

  1. Psychological Safety: If you’ve ever had to say “I don’t understand this… can you explain it to me?” or broken down in tears in front of your teammate then we can say you feel psychologically safe with your team members. It shows you are not afraid to be embarrassed around them. Admitting and showing a vulnerable side means you get intellectual support for your task and also emotional support when you are down.
  1. Dependability: The fact that you are in a team makes the dependability factor obvious. Knowing you have others to depend on and that others also depend on you to get the work done will make you procrastinate less and bring your ‘A’ game
  1. Structure and Clarity: A clear team structure is important in that it clearly outlines the roles and task descriptions of every team member so there is no confusion. It also outlines the hierarchy of authority (if there is any at all), so team members know who is in charge or who to report to, and for what.
  1. Meaning: Each team member must feel personally connected to the big picture, if not, there will be no passion for the task. When people don’t see anything linking their personal lives with the project, it then doesn’t ‘mean’ anything to them. This lack of meaning or reason can make the team slow or the quality of work mediocre.
  1. Impact: Every team member must recognize the effect that their work will bring to either the organization at large or the goal the team is working towards. This makes it all the more motivating to stay up all night working when you could be cuddled with the bae.
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