Ralph Lauren’s ‘Tech Shirt’ Will Hit The Market By August 27

While you’re still trying to wrap your head around getting smartwatches, Ralph Lauren plans to start selling a line of fitness tracking shirts called Polotech. The ‘tech shirt’ line hit Ralph Lauren’s website starting from August 27, 2015.

Polotech helps to track the following:

  • heart rate
  • heart variability
  • breathing depth and recovery
  • intensity of movement
  • energy output
  • stress levels
  • steps taken
  • calories burned

The tech shirt will work simultaneously with an iOS app also called PoloTech running on an Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPod touch. The app offers various workouts categorized as cardio, agility, and strength workouts, etc.

The smartwear, which is a result of Ralph Lauren’s partnership with OMsignal, is moving away from the smartwatch trends and has chosen apparels to help with digital fitness. This is an absolutely smart move because clothes are primary to living- you definitely won’t choose your watch over your shirt!

Hopefully, Polotech won’t cost an arm and a leg.


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