#ParisAttacks – 4 Key Roles That Social Media Played In the Terror Attacks

On Friday, 13th November 2015, carnage reigned in Paris. ISIS has so far taken responsibility for the violence and has promised that there will be more attacks.

Social media played a key role during and in the wake of the deadly attacks, especially in managing and getting out information.

Here are 4 key roles social media played.

  1. The hashtag #PorteOuverte (open door) was used by Parisians to offer shelter in their homes to stranded tourists and other inhabitants of the city.
  2. The world also adopted the #PrayforParis hashtag to show sympathy and offer condolences.
  3. The Facebook SafetyCheck app that was initially used by natural disaster survivors to ‘check in’ to their personal pages in order to let their social network know they are fine, was also deployed by Facebook users in Paris to ‘check in’.
  4. Social media was also used to coordinate help. Airlines and intelligence agencies were able to use their social channels to relay condolences and help people.
  5.  A military intelligence source also mentioned that ISIS used social media network to communicate logistics and encouragements prior to the attacks, and also to celebrate the attacks with the hashtags #ParisBurns.
  6. Social media was used to search for missing people that were around the attack sites with the hashtags #rechercheParis.
  7. Currently, one of the suspects are being searched for with the help of social media.
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