Orin.ng is the Nigerian Soundcloud for Music and Videos

Nigerian music is taking the world by storm. Even if you dislike or cannot understand the lyrics, the beat will keep you moving and wanting more. Nigerian bloggers publicize all genres of songs day and night. But one thing a lot of Nigerian music fans do not know is that there is a Nigerian music hub where you can listen to an extremely wide range of songs that cuts across all genres.

Orin.ng is an amazing music streaming site that offers you an infinite number of the best Nigerian songs and videos according to your mood. The best part of it is the ease of getting to the site – simply type in orin.ng and the music begins, just like magic.


Source: Orin.ng
Source: Orin.ng

Orin.ng allows you create your own playlists. Another really awesome thing about Orin.ng is that it has its own throwback playlist that is absolutely awesome.

Simply visit orin.g and sign up. That’s all. No e-mails, no registration issues.

Try it out and thank us later.

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