You Can Now Choose Who You Want To See On Your Facebook Feed

There is always this one person on your Facebook news feed that doesn’t just understand that no one wants to know or cares about all of the heartbreak they’ve been through. And most of the time, you know you can’t take them off of your network because they went to school with you or they’re your cousin’s cousin or your mum’s niece…
Anyway, Facebook has decided that you don’t have to go through that torturous moment of absorbing all of that unwanted information.
Facebook now let’s you choose who and what you want to see first on your news feed whenever you sign in.
The reason why Facebook included this feature is to reduce post overload.
To get this ball rolling, all you need do is select the profile picture of a Facebook friend in the News Feed Preferences and their updates will come at the top of your news feed.
Facebook also allows you to until unfollow people to hide their posts and let’s you re-add friends you unfollowed in the past.
Now you don’t have to roll your eyes every time you notice that that Facebook friend has changed her boyfriend and has uploaded over seven posts of them all cuddled up.

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