Meet The 20 Year-Old That Turned Down Apple To Start His Own Company

Turning down a job offer from Apple would be considered crazy, any day and any time. However, 20 year old John Meyer not only turned down Apple, he did it when he was 16!

Meyer who first taught himself to code during his freshman year in high school, and afterwards created the popular iPhone 4 flashlight app Just Light, at 16, got his Dad to sneak him into Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference, which at the time required participants to be 18 and above.

He caught the attention of the Apple team, and was offered an internship position with the company which he turned down, because even then, he already had the idea for his company, and he believed he was an entrepreneur.

team (credit brandon olsen via fresco news)

Unbelievable right? Well, Meyer’s gamble paid off because today, he is the CEO of Fresco, a modern version of Associated Press, that sources breaking news from social media, verifies it and gets the necessary license to publish relevant images.

This of course didn’t happen overnight, as Meyer did a lot of custom app work in order to earn money so he could live alone in New York after high school, pay tuition, and startup Fresco.

His company has since generated $150,000 in revenue, and has grown from three employees to 21 employees since the end of January.


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