Mark Zuckerberg Knows Nothing About The Facebook Changes Being Made…

According to James Pearce (a Facebook developer advocate), Mark Zuckerberg is completely unaware of the changes being made to the social network until the changes have been tested and added.
This is because engineers at Facebook are motivated to put aside their primary responsibilities and try out new approaches of making Facebook better and more fun. This ‘motivation’ is actually a program called Hackamonth, which began in 2011.


Facebook features such as the Like button, the Timeline view and many others were created from all-night hackathons, and Pearce claims that Mark Zuckerberg is the last to know about all of these new additions to Facebook.
Hackamonths and Hackathons help developers loosen up and solve problems in unusual ways. Most times, developers come back to work refreshed on top of their games.
Now that’s the way to encourage creativity in a work setting.

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