Lessons From Monica Lewinsky: Read This Before You Send Those Nudes

For those too young to know her story, Monica Lewinsky was an intern at the White House who had an affair with President Bill Clinton and almost got him impeached. It was a big story back in the days.

In her TED talk, Monica spoke about the ‘price of shame’ that she had to pay for the sex scandal and how her story broke at a time when the internet was growing in popularity. She mentioned how she had to live with shame for the rest of her life because the internet is a permanent archive and there are no restrictions to how far information can travel.

This got one thinking about girls (and boys) who get their nudes leaked online by estranged boyfriends and heartbroken exes, and how we all join in to ogle on social, ridiculing them and calling the girl (or boy) stupid.

Well, truth is, whether we are on #twitterafterdark sending DMs or posting daring bathroom selfies and thirst traps on Instagram, Snapchat or sending nudes to a ‘lover’ via Whatsapp, many of us do get carried away, and these decisions may or may not come back to haunt us. For those unlucky folks that do get bitten in the ass, it may not be fair for them to be treated as total outcasts.

Always fun and games when it’s some random girl on Twitter, until you yourself become the object of ridicule, and then you really get the humiliation that is felt by other victims before you.

So, next time you see someone being slut-shamed or bullied, you either stand up for the person or ignore, you never know, it could be you in their shoes someday.

And for those still snapping and sending nudes, just remember Monica Lewinsky’s story – The Internet Never Forgets!

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