Instead Of Singing Another Boring ‘Hello’ Cover, He Sang It In 25 Styles

The covers of Adele’s Hello are endless – including the good, the bad and ugly Nigerian versions.

Now, Anthony Vincent Valbiro of Ten Second Songs chose to do something different; he sang the song in 25 different styles – in voices of other artistes and their genres of music.

Here’s the list of who he imitated and which genres he employed….

Adele – blue-eyed soul, r&b
Alice in Chains – alternative metal, grunge, heavy metal
Lionel Richie – soul, r&b, soft rock
The Mamas and Papas – folk rock, psychedelic pop, sunshine pop
Rod Stewart – rock, pop, blue eyed soul, blues rock
Backstreet Boys – pop rock, r&b, adult contemporary
Thirty Seconds to Mars – alternative rock
Janis Joplin – psychedelic rock, blues rock, psychedelic soul
Prince – funk, r&b, rock, pop, new wave, synthpop
Roy Orbison – rock and roll, rockabilly, country, pop
The Police – new wave, post funk, reggae rock
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) – symphonic rock, progressive rock, progressive pop, art rock
Lil Wayne – hip hop
Deftones – alternative metal, post metal, experimental rock, nu metal
Randy Newman –roots rock, comedy rock, film score
Guns ‘n’ Roses – hard rock, heavy metal
Donna Summer – pop, disco, dance, rock, new wave, r&b
Pink Floyd – progressive rock, psychedelic rock, art rock
Seal – soul, r&b, adult contemporary
Dimmu Borgir – symphonic black metal
Deadmau5 – house, electronica
Dean Martin – big band, country, swing, traditional pop, vocal jazz
Green Day – punk rock, pop punk, alternative rock
Elton John – rock, piano rock, pop rock, soft rock, r&b
Etta James – blues, r&b, soul, rock and roll, jazz

He sang all of this in 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

See his cover of Taylor Swift‘s Bad Blood in 20 styles.

Antony Vincent Valbiro shares the reason why he started Ten Second Songs:

Ten Second Songs was my way of putting my music production and vocal techniques on display for businesses and individuals who were interested in voice-over work, the creation of custom songs, and jingles. As fate would have it, my first “20 Styles” video went viral, in 2014, and over the following year I have been given a chance to share some of my favorite music with millions of people. – Anthony Vincent Valbiro

Asides from being the owner of Ten Second Songs, Anthony Vincent is a member of Set The Charge, an original four-piece Hard Rock act from Westchester, New York.

Source: Ten Second Songs

Nice work Anthony.

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