Infographic: The Difference Between Men & Women When Picking Colours For A Party

When you hear men talking about colours, it’s a really simple and straight-forward conversation which usually goes like this:

Man : Hey. Richard wants his groom’s men wearing blue. My black drivers are just perfect for the look. I could throw in my grey aviators. what do you think?

Source: nigerianwedding
Source: nigerianwedding

But with women, everything has to be complicated:

Woman: Grace picked 3 colours for her wedding and she hasn’t decided which one she wants to go for. We have a really tough choice here girls – Bubblegum Pink, Clover Green and Teal. I think mixing Bubblegum Pink dresses with Sky Blue shoes and headtie might look really good but Grace thinks Sky Blue has been overused at parties. What do you think Girls?

Girls: We’re not feeling the colours. How about Honeydew? It’s trending.

Source: fashionpolicenigeria
Source: fashionpolicenigeria

Girls! LOOOL!

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