How Our Random Funny Video Got Over 11 Million Views On Facebook

So, sometime in August, our video editor at ID Africa started experimenting with mashups, and making new stories out of existing content found across the web. This was in addition to some of the other cool, original stuff we were capturing ourselves – staff goofing around, rap/poetry performances, girls’ hip size battles, reading Nigerian languages and some serious Vox Pop.

One random mashup, featuring a couple of teen boys from different ethnicities playing pregnancy pranks on their parents was made and posted by our social media manager. She promoted it with less than $5 (about N1,000) for 2 days, and everyone moved on and forgot about it.

A week later, we were shocked to see that the video had almost 1 million views, and today, seven months later, has been seen over 11.7 million times, with almost 300,000 shares from across the world.

This incident further proved what we always knew, that Facebook will reward you more for content posted directly on its platform, Facebookers love comedy and pranks, and ultimately, you can borrow other people’s work (with due credit) and make something great out of it… Plus, Nigerian parents are the most dramatic in the world!

Wonder what was so special about this video?

See for yourself here:


Shouts out to Carnage, TY Perez, MW3Stream and EmansBlogs for the Youtube originals.

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