How Not To Be A Harald Krueger – 4 Tips For Easing Stress In Your Workplace

If people have told you endlessly to go easy on work and rest, you should take this post very serious.

Running a huge international organization like BMW is no joke. See Harald Krueger, he has to travel all over the world for conferences, meetings, etc. From time to time, he has to prepare for and give power presentations that will leave a wonderful impression about his organization in the minds of the attendees.


However, there is one thing Harald Krueger wasn’t doing.

He wasn’t taking a chill pill (a.k.a rest). So he fainted at the beginning of his presentation at Frankfurt.


Now, we understand that it’s a dog eat dog world out there and everyone has to make the best use of every second… But you have to keep fit, stay healthy and happy to function well at your job.

So, we’ll give 4 simple tips on staying healthy and being happy:

  • 1. Play games

Frank Underwood has 3 loves – power, Claire and his playstation, in that order. Learn from him – play games. Keep them on your phone – Candy Crush if you like to keep it simple, or Real Racing or Asphalt if you love competition. Try Chess, Ludo, or the traditional ‘Ayo’ if you’re up for ‘intellectual’ games. You can also try ID Africa’s favourite, Table Soccer!


  • 2. Do what you love to do best at work.

There’s always a way, especially if you’re the boss. You like to play golf? Create a spot for it. You love to talk? Invite your friends over. You love to listen? Play therapist to your staff – you’ll be shocked to find out what’s going on in there. LOL.

  • 3. Take a vacation.


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Leave the workplace. Leave the country. If you live in Lagos, that’s probably the best stress reliever you can get. Go to the Bahamas, enjoy splurging in Las Vegas, or do the usual, Dubai. Savour continental dishes and visit your friends in Diaspora. You’ll be glad you did.


@flakydotsy hating on my Japanese meal. Wanted Something different for the fever. Shugbon o wa bland sha. Bland! A photo posted by Ayeni Adékúnlé Samuel (@ayenithegreat) on


  • 4. Learn to delegate duties.

You can’t do everything and be everywhere (even Superman can’t). Find out the strengths of each staff and delegate duties to them according to these strengths. Set deadlines and ask for reports. That’s how you make strong teams.

Look at us.


About Last Night… The whole team at ICM. #Spooks #thegreatergood #BHM #netng #IDAfrica


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Take a break Boss. Don’t let the Meme gods get you.


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