How Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Prove You Have Multiple Personality Disorder, But You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

The concept of multiple personality disorder is fascinating to the public. It amazes us how some people can switch back and forth between up to 5, or 6 personalities. This fascination is obvious in the number of books (fiction or non-fiction) and movies that have been made with a multiple personality plot.

In case you were wondering, multiple personality disorder now known as dissociative identity disorder, allows for more than one personalities in a person, such that one minute you are Naomi from Aba who is introverted and the next you are Sade from Ibadan who loves to dance on table tops in bars. Notice these two personalities are complete opposites?

It is also a little bit scary that no one wants to accept the fact that they may have multiple personalities, even the clinically diagnosed people. In reality, our behaviours are determined by a lot of factors, such as if we are being watched or not, or if an authority figure is present or not, thus as hard as this is to accept, we all have ‘multiple personalities’ in a way.

Still don’t agree? Hold that thought.


Many can relate with the above image, like me.

Check out my Facebook vs my Twitter

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (5)


For many, the personalities exhibited on both Twitter and Facebook are complete opposites. We are able to put up nudes, use swear words, or be mean and ratchet, or tweet things that we know our parents or employers will cringe at when they hear, all because we know we aren’t being watched, by the ‘real’ people.

I’m all for connecting on social networks, but my personality on Twitter is not something I’d want my boss to see (unless if he is really cool or crazy), not because I’m really that terrible but because I’d just want whatever I do on Twitter to stay on Twitter and not in the ‘real world’, like Facebook.

Facebook is the reality, because we have people in our everyday lives on there. There is Mom, Dad, pastor or some distant uncle that must see that you are being a good girl.

All that doesn’t apply much on Twitter, at least not yet. Even though you see your Twitter guys in your everyday lives, they are just your really cool peers that can relate to all your ‘bad behavior’.

Of course, this ‘diagnosis’ may not apply to everyone, because not everyone has ‘bad behaviors’ that they are willing to share on social media (no matter how private the network is), and not everyone has really prude bosses or judgmental family members.

However, if you can relate to this article, then maybe I’ll see you on Twitter then! You can hop in my DMs. wink

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