Here’s Why Coca-Cola Took Its Name Off Of Its Cans

Coca-Cola has taken a new turn with its packaging. This time, it has taken on the minimalist approach and has removed its name from the can – no consumer name, no brand name. Before you think of how crazy Coca-Cola can be, remember that brands make moves without a good reason.


Coca-Cola has made this move to promote a world without judgement and prejudices. By taking of its label (brand name), the top brand shows support for the global movement for equality and tolerance. The removal of its name from its cans denotes the removal of preconceived perceptions about people, tribes and cultures. FP7/DXB, a Dubai based advertising agency described the stunt as a means of sending a powerful and timeless message that a world without labels is a world without differences.

With or without Coca-Cola labels, you can always tell a coke when you see it. So it’s not about what is on the outside. It’s what’s inside.

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