Here’s What’s Different About Converse’s New Chuck Taylor All-Star II

Chuck Taylors are timeless, priceless and super comfortable. The new Chuck Taylor All-Star II is just a better experience.

conversethumb Editor, Steff Yotka gave his testimony after wearing a pair of these new babies for 48 hours:

Converse’s new Chuck Taylor All-Star II is not a replacement for the original design. After wearing a pair for 48 hours, I’d conclude that aside from its silhouette, it’s a completely different sneaker entirely. Converse president and CEO Jim Calhoun put it best in a release when he said that the launch of the All-Star II is “ushering in not just a new sneaker, but a completely new way of thinking.”

The shoe is stronger, but it’s also tougher to break in.

A pair of Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star II costs between $50 to $95.


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