Here Are 5 Ways To Effectively Use Keywords For SEO On Your Blog

Many things influence your SEO ranking; keywords, internal and external links, the amount of traffic to the site, and some other complicated “higihaga” (in Patrick Obahiagbon’s voice) that you need not worry your head about for now.

However, these 5 simple tips about keywords should help you fix a terrible SEO situation:

  • 1. The more complex the URL is, the more relegated it will be in Google’s search pages. Your URL should be constructed to look like this,

URLs such as this index.php?page=articles make life very difficult for Google. Your page URL shouldn’t look like something that came out of The Matrix.


  • 2. Use hyphens instead of underscores to separate words. According to Green Ad, search engines don’t read underscores, hence, they unify URL structures such as this,, to become this,, consequently erasing the keyword. Use this instead –


  • 3. Know what your audience is searching for. We can’t say this enough. Use Google’s Keyword Planner, Google trends and other tools (paid and free) to find what people are searching for on the internet. Google’s Autocorrect game, Google Feud may be very helpful too.


  • 4. Ensure that your images carry the keyword in its description. Google can’t visually find images, so it uses the text attached to photos – the title, alt text, caption and meta-description – to identify images.
See how the picture was named?
  • 5. Add your keyword to your URL, page title, sub-headlines, opening paragraph and your closing paragraph. This doesn’t mean you should bombard the body of text with the keyword; just mention it a couple of times and you’ll be fine.


P.S: You can’t optimize everything. Do your best and leave the rest.



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