E-Commerce Businesses Just Got a Reason to Get on Pinterest

Pinterest announced that they will be introducing buyable pins in a few weeks. Buyable pins allows you to buy goods on Pinterest instead of just viewing, sharing and saving them. Pinterest buyable pins will be called “Buy it” and will be coloured blue.

This means that e-commerce owners just got a better social media platform for business. Unlike Instagram and Facebook where business owners have to attach phone numbers and BBM contacts to get customers to buy. Pinterest ‘buy it’ is definitely the answer to easier shopping on social media.


Small businesses, which are unable to pay for expensive interactive e-commerce websites, can use Pinterest as a platform to sell and still be as cool as top-class businesses. Pinterest even lets you put in the different colours of what you sell.

However, buyable pins will be available to iPad and iPhone users in a few weeks while Android and desktop users will be able to use buyable pins in the future (it had better be really soon).
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