Don Jazzy Is Not Just A Producer, He Is King of Nigerian Music Marketing

Everyday, we see artistes exploring the usual routes to ‘success’ – share semi-nude photos on social, create controversies just to stay in the news (like ‘dying’, beefing, etc), attend all events, feature big name artistes from home and abroad. Even with all that, a huge number of them are still not ‘blowing’.


Don Jazzy is one of the few who have managed to get his brand marketing right, using age-old techniques and new social tools.

Here are 6 reasons why Don Jazzy is king of marketing:

  • He is real

Don Jazzy is not one of those who have let the limelight change their personality. He is down-to-earth, straight to the point and funny in a ‘normal’, ‘everyday guy’ way.

Source: Naija News Rave

  • If there is a controversy, he’ll clear it up for his fans. By himself. In public.

Don Jazzy understands how false stories can cloud minds. Instead of getting writers to craft lies about the situation or be nasty in his response, Jazzy’ll simply tell the truth in his own way.

When it was rumoured that he was dating Tiwa, he laughed it off on The Juice with Toolz.

Talk about Tiwa starts at 5:36

While blogs speculated on how he and D’Banj were no longer on speaking terms, he released a Periscope broadcast featuring him, D’Banj and Kayswitch fooling around in an undisclosed location.

When he had issues with Wande Coal for not giving him credit for a song, he publicly told his own story via Twitter.


  • He is absofrigginlutely social!

Don Jazzy is wherever his fans are – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Keek, Vine…. Even though we know Twitter is his baby, he tries his best to keep up with all his social accounts by sharing funny content that make us smile from time to time.

FotorCreated don j

  • He creates shareable content

Is there a video in this world that Don Jazzy posted that hasn’t been shared 1001 times? Is there a slang that he has used in a song that has not been adopted by Nigerians? Is there a dance move Jazzy has showed off that you haven’t loved? No, there isn’t.

Nigerian Internet needed to create memes with an African feel, hence, he gave them


  • He is consistent

Don Jazzy is probably one of the very few Nigerian artistes who can produce an album with 4 artistes in 2 weeks, as he did with Solar Plexus.


We loved him as Mo’ Hits’ boss because he doled out club bangers with our most loved stars. As Mavins’ Boss, he’s doing even more and more everyday and we can’t get enough.


  • He is a marketing genius

Let’s define marketing and see how Don Jazzy fits in.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as, the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying  customer requirements profitably.

  • 1. Management – During his meeting with Project Fame contestants in September this year, Don Jazzy noted that his primary goal as a record label owner is to push every artiste on the Mavins roster to A-list status. It is a fact that many labels do not give their artistes as much exposure as Don Jazzy gives the Mavins.

Don Jazzy talking with Project Fame contestants starts at 12:00

  • 2. Identifying – Don Jazzy knows Nigerians love happy moments so he creates happy music. Can you name 5 sad songs that he has produced? I don’t think so.


  • 3. Anticipating – He listens and takes out time to understand today’s trends and how they’ll impact tomorrow. A while back, Don Jazzy used to give away recharge cards on Twitter. The folks loved it! Asides that, he follows a couple of people back and replies them on social media.  By doing these ‘little’ things, he won the hearts of millions of Nigerians.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 5.29.53 PM

  • 4. Satisfying –  Mo’Hits broke up, Nigerians were unhappy and wanted a new D’banj. Jazzy not only gave them a new, improved Tiwa, Sid and D’Prince, he also invented an all-new Reekado Banks + aphroD’ija + Korede Bello, a 3-in-one package!

Dbanj-and-Don-Jazzy The-Mavins-Adaobi-Art_tooXclusive.com_

  • 5. Profitably – Of course he’s making profit! All those brand endorsements, shows and production credits mean a lot at the bank. Ask his accountant.

1obehiokoawoblog - Copy - Copy copy.jpg2

Happy Birthday Don Jazzy.


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