Dear Nigerian Ad Men, We Want To See Commercials Like These

In Nigeria, most commercials play out in these 2 patterns:

  • a. The Sing-Along Ads

These are probably the most popular. Jingles like Boom Sha Sha encourage the retention of brand names and mottos. But ask yourself – how many present day jingles can you actually sing, and how many of them actually made you buy the product?

  • b. The Surprise Factor Ads

The telco companies are usually responsible for these commercials. In this case, the actors in the ad are the ones getting surprised by the new product they are trying to sell. This brings us to the question – who is supposed to be surprised, the actor or the audience? LOL.

Let’s be honest here, these ads no longer get all of our attention. This is why we have decided to help by sharing these two ‘foreign’ ads.

What makes these ads distinct is the fact that they both sell shit, literally. Also, they defy the “less than 1 minute” commercial length rule. Wonder who came up with that rule.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.00.23 PM

If you can sell shit, you can sell anything.

Hope this helps.

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