Cobhams, Adenike Oyetunde, Others To Be Honored, As Akin Shuga Launches ‘Gifted & Talented’ Project To Empower People Living With Disabilities

Shuga Limb Foundation (SLF), an NGO of Akin Shuga, lead singer of the popular Shuga Band and disability advocate, is set to empower people living with disabilities (PLDs) through its ‘Gifted and Talented’ Project.

The event, which seeks to celebrate and empower PLDs who possess extraordinary gifts and talents, holds on 30th May, 2016 at the Social Place, Sinari Daranijo, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Having sponsored the Children’s Day for PLDs for four consecutive years, SLF is charting a new course in line with the global focus to promote Inclusion, Access, and Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities.

It is widely noted that PLDs have a range of physical sensory, intellectual or psychosocial impairments, which often interplays with various barriers that may hinder their full participation in the Nigerian society.

According to Akin Shuga,

The objective of this worthy cause is to empower, promote and create opportunities for sustainable livelihood and employment for People Living with Disabilities. The plan includes a quarterly monitoring mechanism on sales, expenditures and profit margin for their ventures.”

Speaking further on his own story, Akin Shuga recalls,

“I got my break in life when Alhaji O.K Alli bought me my first set of air brushes which I used in designing cards. I later got a direct link to the makers of international cards back then in the 1990’s. This was my source of living before I ventured into music business fully.”

One of the beneficiaries, Toma, who’s confined to a wheel chair has a rare creative talent as a Visual Artist, whilst painting with her feet. A selfless Art Instructor, Mr. Micheal Oluwatosin, took an interest in her craft and nurtured her. Shuga Limb Foundation will be rewarding him for his act of kindness, while also paying him for 3 months intensive training for the beneficiary.

The event on May 30th will also be recognizing people who have selflessly supported PLDs, as well as disability advocates and rare talents like Legendary Music Producer Cobhams Asuquo, Nigeria Info OAP Adenike Oyetunde, Eng. Amusu, and others who have consistently used their voices to impact society at large.

For the past few days, Akin Shuga has been quite expressive on social media, taking audiences through his journey, in a poetic storytelling sequence accompanied by powerful images of his life’s journey. He defines ‘disability’ as “a mere word” that didn’t hinder him, but became a springboard to his success.

The organisers have promised an exciting event, to be attended by distinguished guests and personalities from all works of life, spiced up with lots of music and entertaining comedy.

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