CEOs Are Now Validating #Piracy?

Some days ago, Twitter was said to be running at a loss and is investing in its video applications, Vine and Periscope, to join the money making league of social media.

It sure looks like Twitter is also investing in piracy.

Yesterday was “the fight of the century” and those who couldn’t afford to pay the $100 for the pay-per-view price took refuge in Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app. Users of the app shared their $100 paid views of the over-hyped match, allowing other Periscope users watch the low quality video of the match. Periscope must have recorded an upsurge in usage during the time of the Mayweather-Pacquiao match.

Source: Marketing Land
Source: Marketing Land


As Mayweather was announced the winner, Dick Costolo took to Twitter to declare Periscope a ‘winner’. Many interpreted the tweet to mean Costolo was congratulating Periscope for benefiting handsomely from the fight. According to CNET, HBO and Showtime have filed an injunction for copyright infringement against  Twitter.

This might encourage other CEOs and blog owners to publicly validate or boast about illegal activities such as piracy. We really hope not it doesn’t or the world might have a bigger problem on its hands.


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