#CaptionThis: There Are Now “Caption Writers”

Wonders shall never cease.

Are you desperately in need of a caption? Do you spend a long time constructing Instagram posts? If yes, let these caption messiahs save your post.


As funny and ridiculous as this may sound, these guys actually make a living from this. Visit www.captionalgains.com and see for yourself.


The awesome thing about Captional Gains is that after submitting your photo along with your original message, they send back 10 caption options for free.

#CaptionThis: There Are Now "Caption Writers" - ID Africa


Captional Gains was founded by Patrick DeYoung, Chams Abdelhafidh and Belén M. Márquez.


The lesson here is to take advantage of the smallest opportunities.

Caption writing might just become a big ‘sect’ in content marketing. Who knows?

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