Brand Lessons From Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna, and Taylor Swift

Every brand continually struggles to stay relevant to its consumers, sadly, not many succeed.

Here are lessons on how to keep your brand relevant from five unique female artistes.

1. Katy Perry: Appeal to a wide range of clients

katy-perryTeenagers love her, and their parents too. The vibrant pop star has mastered the ability to make music that appeals to both young and old.

Brand Lesson: Always try to appeal to audience outside your primary target, as it will be beneficial in the long run.

2. Lady Gaga: Own your business style

4c48ab9e-05b9-4e50-8b86-df32e05eb3a8Gaga can be described as all sorts of crazy, bottom line, she is known for something.

Brand Lesson: Once you decide on your niche and brand, “own it” across all platforms. Be consistent with all of the above.

3. Madonna: Reinvent your brand


56 year old Madonna, has continued to remain relevant in the music industry, not just as an icon, but as a fun and interesting face.

Brand Lesson: When it comes to reinventing your brand’s image, don’t be afraid to make changes.  The change can be something as simple as updating your website template or tagline.

4. Rihanna: Survive and thrive after a public misstep 

21-rihanna.w245.h368.2xName 5 artistes who have received bad press, Bad Gal Riri would be mentioned in the top 3, and each time she has bounced back.

Brand Lesson: There’ll always be people waiting for you to fail, and when that happens find acknowledge your failure, and find a way to capitalise on it, with humour if possible.

5. Taylor Swift: Be a voice in your industry


Only 26, Swift has become the voice on some of the most pressing issues in music. An instance is Apple music’s decision not to pay artistes during the 3-month trial period for users, a decision which Apple reversed thanks to Swift.

Brand Lesson: Strive to be a leader in thought, deeds and policy in your industry. Not only does this position your brand above others, it gives your product an ‘elite’ status.


Social media strategist Caitlin Burns has said, “Understand your audience. It’s important to know who you’re targeting. What do they do? When do they live online? So when planning a marketing strategy that includes social media, think about ways to potentially attract a larger audience.”




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