Biggest Winners of LAIF Awards in the Past 6 Years and Why They Triumphed

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a brilliant advert or an effective marketing message? Who wrote and composed the jingles your kids love dancing to? Who is behind those catchy artworks on billboards that grab your attention while driving to work?

Who wrote the stories and messages that made you laugh, cry or angry enough to make a purchase decision?

Who really are these ‘mad men’?

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Events such as the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) Awards were created to celebrate and reward the creators of these creative advertisements in Nigeria.

Since inception, a few agencies have been fortunate enough to win multiple gold, silver or bronze medals at the annual LAIF Awards. However, some managed to stand out as the biggest winners who top the medals table each year.

In 2009, DDB won 14 awards including 2 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze medals.

Insight Communications, DDB Lagos and Lowe Lintas emerged the top three winners at the 2010 LAIF awards with Insight taking home 22 awards including 2 grand prix while DDB Lagos and Lowe Lintas won 12 and 5 awards respectively.

2011 LAIF Medals Table
See the 2011 medals table

2012 was a good year for Rosabel Leo Burnettt, Centre Spread, and especially Insight who deliberately boycotted LAIF awards in 2011 to re-strategize its operations and brand positioning. Rosabel Leo Burnett, known for popular campaigns such as late MKO Abiola’s 1993 presidential campaign ad MKO is our Man o, Cadbury’s TomTom – The Big Black Sweet amongst others, came in at second place while Centre Spread followed in third place.

2012 LAIF Medals Table
See the 2012 medals table

2013 marked the 8th edition of LAIF awards, hence the tag “It’s a Gr8 LAIF”.  It also happened to be the 40thanniversary of the Advertising Association Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN). Insight, this time, outshone others by taking home 26 medals. In second and third positions emerged new and younger winners – Noah’s Ark and X3M Ideas respectively.

Last year, 2014, Insight and DDB Lagos took first and second place while X3M Ideas came in at 3rd again. Mouka Foam’s sleeping on the job, MTN’s I don Port and Heineken’s code of friendship were among the ads rated top class.

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Out of over 100 advertising agencies in Nigeria, only about 20% of the industry competes for gold, silver and bronze of the four main categories – press, outdoor, radio and television – every year.

Asides celebrating creativity, Vice Chairman, LAIF Management Board, Steve Babaeko, believes that events like LAIF Awards create room for those in the industry to interact, build relationships and foster camaraderie.

LAIF is the brain child of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) and was first held in 2006 with the aim of recognizing creative excellence, improving the quality of creative craft and promoting the spirit of healthy competition among Nigerian creative agencies.

With the newfound awakening observed in related disciplines, marked by conversations seen in campaigns such as ‘PR is Dead’, championed by Black House Media, a Lagos based PR agency and PRCAN, it is clear that bodies like APCON, AAAN, LAIF in advertising, are blazing the trail for excellence, while inspiring others in Nigeria’s marketing communications ecosystem.

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The 10th edition of LAIF awards holds this week from November 18 to November 21, 2015. The LAIF Management Board will be organizing four major events namely the LAIF Awards Seminar/Exhibition, Young LAIFERS Awards, Pre-Awards Party and LAIF Awards Dinner holding at Civic Centre in Lagos.

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