BHM App Versus Amazon Dash Button

The growth of any business and individual  is dependent on the creative use of technology – in case you haven’t noticed (which would just be totally ridiculous).

We encounter a million and one Ads everyday – Twitter, Facebook, TV… let’s not forget those annoyiiinnggg SMS codes, 33115, 23412, 4445  – promising us an overwhelming amount of customers in a remarkably short time.

If the packaging is good, most of us absorb all of their Harry Houdini story without carefully breaking down the feasibility.

Now, anticipation is a key principle of marketing, hence you must think fast and ahead of those Houdini marketers. You see, the future of marketing lies in CALL-TO-ACTION products. These are products that provoke an immediate action from a consumer. The more the use of the call-to-action product, the more profit or popularity derived by the product owner.

You’re probably confused eh? It’s really simple. Can you recall those ‘shop now’, ‘click here’, ‘shop now’, ‘download here’ buttons you see on websites? Yes. Now imagine them as products!

If you made a call-to-action product which people can carry around or place somewhere easily reachable, with your name attached to it, it gives you a massive edge over competition and aids brand remembrance whenever that consumer’s need arises.

BHM PR App (Nigeria) and Amazon Dash Button (U.S.A) are the first call-to-action products of their kinds. They are two innovative products gaining recognition in their different markets.

The BHM app presents great opportunities to help journalists, bloggers, PR practitioners, agencies, and clients do their jobs better, using resources from the media directory, agencies database, news hub, social PR, news and tips and workshop videos. Rather than surfing the Internet or the popular Google for names, phone numbers, news, PR companies, you can easily gather all of these information online and offline from the BHM App.

Amazon Dash Button comes in handy when you’re running low of food stuff, toiletries, laundry and bath products. It is innovative, quick and easy as it saves you a long and unplanned trip to the convenience store.

Watch their demos.

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