Believe It or Not, Edible Billboards Exist

Nigerian copywriters and art directors should really invest in edible billboards. What better way is there to get everyone’s attention?

These yummy billboards got everyone talking, eating and engaging with the brand:

  1. Coke Zero – Drinkable Billboard


To support NCAA Men’s Final Four competition, Coke Zero and Ogilvy & Mather created a 23,000 pound drinkable billboard that passed soda through a massive straw into a public drinking fountain.

2. Carlsberg – Beer Billboard

The self-serving beer ad is “probably the best poster in the world”. The 12 x 3 meter billboard commissioned by Carlsberg was created by advertising agency Fold7 and digital design firm Mission Media.

  1. McDonald’s – Lettuce Billboard

To show how fresh McDonald’s salads were, McDonald’s planted thousands of heads of lettuce on a billboard. When the heads finally blossomed, a message saying “Fresh Salads” appeared on the billboard. How clever is that?


  1. Thornton – Chocolate Billboard

British Chocolate company, Thornton used 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 chocolate eggs, and 128 chocolate panels to boost their sales. The chocolate display, which took three months to create was eaten up by people in just three hours.

  1. The Fairtrade Foundation – Banana Billboard

To raise awareness for banana farmers living in poverty, the Fairtrade Foundation created a billboard made of 5,000 bananas, which took 11 hours to assemble.


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