Barack Obama: President Vs Gentleman

A video in which the President of the United States, Barack Obama, shared his umbrella with two ladies has gone viral on the internet, for many reasons,watch video here.

Everyone has an opinion about how he acted, and the one that stands out is that regardless of his position, or whether he is liked or not, he acted as a gentleman should.

Could this have happened in Nigeria? And if it did, wouldn’t it be that:

  • He would not have held the umbrella himself; an aide would have held the umbrella over his head. A president does not hold things like umbrellas.


  • No, he wouldn’t have shared the umbrella with the two women, neither would he have asked for an umbrella for them. A President has more important things to worry about.


  • The woman who tried to hold the President’s waist would have been pushed and shoved in the mud, and stomped on by SSS guys.


  • The person in charge of travel would be fired immediately, for not being able to predict the weather, and exposing the President to such an ordeal.


  • In the comments below the video, Nigerians will be cursing at the President, because they are dissatisfied people who will not let their President be great.

We’re just kidding!

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