Apple Is Being Sued For Using The Keyword ‘iWatch’

You were curious about the popular Apple watch so you thought you should search for what’s being said about it in the news. When you are done checking what the news says about the watch, you intend to check out the price range on online stores. The probability that you will use the keyword ‘iWatch’ is (let’s say) 90%. People have assumed that the Apple watch is named iWatch since all of the company’s other product names are preceded by an ‘i’. This is why Apple has used the word iWatch as one of its keywords for Google Ads.Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 6.53.02 PMUnknown to many, Apple’s watch is not called an iWatch. In fact, the iWatch trademark is owned by a company in Europe named Probendi – an Irish software development studio. Probendi filed an urgent procedure on June 26 with a court in Milan protesting Apple’s use of the term in its ads, according to the tribunal filing obtained by Bloomberg.

“Apple has systematically used iWatch wording on Google search engine in order to direct customers to its own website, advertising Apple Watch,” the document says. 

“Apple never replied to our requests and objections, while Google said they are not responsible for links.”

Probendi began creating a smartwatch (that was meant to be called iWatch) that would have been cheaper than the Apple watch and would serve as a huge competition for Apple in the wearable market Di Salvo but the project has been put on hold because of the current keyword battle.

The iWatch trademark is valued at €87 million ($97 million). In 2012, Apple spent about $60 million to settle a trademark dispute in China over rights to use the name iPad. The iWatch case has been scheduled for a hearing on Nov. 11.

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